F A S H I O N P H O T O G R A P H Y - / / E D I T O R I A L & M I N I H A U L

Oh hello sweets!
I've had a few crazy days lately in regards to photo shoots.
I've completed two editorials, two car photoshoots and also a fitness photoshoot with my good friend Nok over at http://crystalcosmicchic.blogspot.co.uk/ But we'll talk about that in a later post.

for today! I am going to show you some behind the scenes shots from my MARKET PLACE editorial.
I study in Newport, and will miss it when I graduate next year (Fingers crossed) so I wanted to use it in some of my editorial work to ensure that I have some memories to keep forever involving the place that changed my life.

The editorial was fun and colourful, but also had a bit of a darker side to mellow out to stop the editorial as a whole from hurting your eyes!
The model was Zoe Sweeting @ BASE Models. Zoe recently studied fashion designer at Newport University too, making it a perfect colab.
Stylist was Lily Mae O'Hagan, also another student at the university studying Fashion Promotion.

All three of us were linked to the location which makes it very personal for all of us!
and to round it all off Blūm Magazine have decided to include it within their March issue!

So keep an eye out for that aswell!

Here's some sneaky peaks!

Images @ LZ_ Instagram - Lily Mae O'Hagan.

One of the images from the editorial.

I cannot wait to show you the whole thing in print, I love seeing my work anywhere other than a computer screen so when Blum said they'd print it I was over the moon!

Additionally, I had a little wait for my next bus back to Cardiff, so I did the tinyst ammount of shopping but enough to make me happy!

 My beautiful leather jacket from Primark, I find it makes my blue eyes really pop. It's faux leather, but doesn't feel as cold so I can wear it during the winer months too. The fit is slightly cropped but goes perfectly with my high waisted jeans. and for only £10, I really cannot complain!

I then went on to buy some lovely lady items! Primark had a sale on their panties, and I still stopped myself going over board!
The matching bra and pant sets (White and Black) were only £4 to begin with, but were discounted to £2 ! I couldn't leave them for £2 a set! I always hear people complain about Primark Bra's, but I find that Primark, and also ASDA bra's are the only ones that are comfortable with in! I've had plenty of their bra's for 1-2 years now and never had a problem. for £2 I wouldn't mind if I did!

The two seperate pants were £1 each, at normal price. Couldn't go wrong! I normally like to have matching pants, but because I bought black and white sets, every colour will match with them.
A win win!

A brilliant photoshoot that I'm very proud of and some new delicates! Who can complain!


LIFESTYLE - / / H A P P Y B E L A T E D N E W Y E A R E V E R Y O N E !!!


It's been a very, very long time but I am back and kicking it. Writing this instead of completing my dissertation work might me a mistake but it feels soo much better right now!
I haven't written a blog post since I got back from Spain and So much has happened I don't know why I haven't done any more!

I have been a busy bee what with Christmas and New Years and going back to University to submit some new work it's been a mess!

But I am back on track and making lots of beautiful photography work if I do say so myself :D

I'm just about to hand in my progress images for my Final Major Project. So I thought I'd share with you what I've done so far

What do you think?