F A S H I O N - / / G L I T T E R - - J U G S

Evening pretty people!

I've been away a while and just thought I'd do a quick little update and tell you what's going on right now.

I started a new job a few months ago in the car insurance field, and it's bloody good! I'm learning something new every day and it just keeps changing. Plus; we're super spoilt with presents and quizzes (Everybody was given an Easter egg yesterday... there's around 300 on our floor alone!)

So that's reason one to why I've been away so long.. Reason two, is because it's WEDDING SEASON!
I love wedding season, but photographing every weekend and then editing after finishing the late shifts at 8pm doesn't go too well together. Although it's almost over - and it's helped me book a few trips away :)

I'm jetting off to Paris on the 28th for a nice weekend away with the other half. Then again in May to a location I can't disclose yet due to it being Michael's 23rd birthday present, But it's going to be good! My wardrobe is about to burst though due to all the extra 'Holiday' clothes I've picked up over the last month. (or two..maybe three)

In other news, Festival season is almost upon us again guys! Signed up for Glastonbury today, even though my pictures been declined twice now.. just waiting for the third time lucky!
But I've had a look around at a few other little gems and I'm super excited.

So excited, I've bought my outfits before I've even booked a festival - Eeekkk.
But it's money well spent so who cares!

Here's my first outfit ready for the summer.

A stunning black/green sequin jumpsuit from Pretty Little Thing. RRP:£60.

Probably the most expensive item of clothing I own - apart from the odd ball gown - But I did manage to get a 25% off code from one of the ladies in work so I only actually paid £45. Thanks to all the other little treats I've been buying myself - I also sorted out unlimited free next day delivery for the whole year with PLT. It's my best investment so far this year!

I cannot wait to show it off in the sun!


Are you heading to any festivals yet this year? 

What are you packing?