F A S H I O N - / / R O X Y R E C Y C L E D S H O R T S !

As you can tell from my last post, I am right back into my surf planning! That time of year is coming back (The time of year where my mother will drive me down to the beach if it's warm enough for her to sit and have an ice cream) and I cannot wait to get back into the sweet, salty water!

I've been searching for new beach wear (can you tell my student loan has came in yet!) and I stumbled across something that really caught my eye. I try my best with the environment, I don't use carrier bags, I eat fair trade 90% of the time, I always recycle my plastics and cardboard but never had I thought about wearing them... and this is exactly what Roxy have done!

Roxy have created a pair of shorts made from a material called Repreve. Repreve is a recycled fiber made from old plastic bottles. I found this astonishing! I drink a lot of bottled water, at the gym and also while travelling to work/university on the bus. I'd say 1 or 2 bottles a day, after a week I would have enough plastic to make myself a pair of these shorts! It creates less pollution and doesn't take anything from the natural resources that we are slowly(or quickly in some cases) running out of!

Shop the LINE UP board shorts HERE!
I personally love the black with baby pink elastic waist line. The cut on the leg is slimming and the draw string makes it adjustable for those in between sizes !

Great addition to the Summer outfit collection, and also great all year around for the gym!

L I F E S T Y L E - / / B I L L A B O N G * S A L T Y *

It's that time of year again where I spend days and days searching endless surfing websites to find my newest member of my beautiful wetsuit collection! (CLICK HERE TO SHOP THE COLLECTION!
After a lot of hunting (and I mean A LOT) I came across a stunning collection from non other than Billabong!
The Billabong Surf Capsule Collection for Spring '14 is the perfect addition to any surf fanatic's water wardrobe!  The collection includes wetsuits, bikinis, vests and surf leggings (Never seen or heard of surf leggings before but they receive a thumbs up from me!) 
The designs offer a vintage twist to Billabong's top quality wetsuits. The bold, block colours fused with sunset stripes and fluorescent tribal prints are bang on trend for this year, and many to come.


My favourite piece being the Salty Jane Spring Suit! The flattering A-line stripes surrounding the simple yet satisfying block of Arylide Yellow creates a slimming silhouette, great for all body shapes, especially those with an inverted triangle figure. I personally like it because due to the lovely, British weather, It keeps the most of us suitability covered, and with no sleeves it opens a whole world of adventure with the ability to create endless outfits using vests and jackets.

Here are some images of the collection in action!


What do you think about the collection?

Anything special you fancy for yourself?

O U T F I T - / / R E D & B L A C K

I have a day off today! (WOO HOO)
But I'm spending it writing an essay on how Michael Jackson influenced the media and other celebrities.. Could be worse! I'm also editing my LIFE editorial. I mean thoroughly, editing loose hairs, changing skin tones and playing with background colours. I'm still on image 1 of 7, I started at half 8!! Nice way to spend my day off!

Here's my outfit for today!

Shirt - Superdry
Dress - New Look
Cut out boots - Ebay

I went for a comfortable approach today, I'm wearing my little black dress from New Look, I bought it in the sale for a bargain price of  5 pound! It's a size ten but I could of easily went for the 8.. probably why it's it was in the sale in the end. It's really soft, 100% cotton!
I bought the shirt from work, 50% off! It's great to chuck over a little dress to keep you warm in the evenings. On the plus side, It's a mens medium, so if my partner needs to dress up semi smart he can steal it for the evening. 2-4-1!

The boots are lovely, I bought them on Ebay for £8, My sister in law then got them from everything5pound.com too for less! They we're great for the first few wears but the buckle broke on them while I was putting them on. It's fine, they're still wearable but what would I expect for £8!!

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O U T F I T - / / S P A R K L E & T A R T A N

Super busy day today! I went to London to visit Models 1 and Premier with the mothering agency I work with (Future Model Management). We took down 3 models (Libby, Charley and Gareth) All of which Models 1 loved!!
I was also a good citizen and found a man's phone on the train. It was a Samsung Galaxy Note 3!! Worth over £300! Lucky I'm a lovely trust worthy person. He landed in London today from Texas, as I found out from calling his mother at home in the USA! I waited for around 3 hours... and he still didn't get to the station I was at in time.. I handed it into lost properly and he hasn't replied back to me to tell me he's received it :(
A lot of hard work for nothing but oh well.


Here's my outfit for the day!!

Superdry - Dress

Primark - Jacket
Shoes - Ebay

I love the dress, it has tiny silver speckles (Also available in copper) all over it, long sleeves that can be rolled up and a low back (Not pictured) I love working at Superdry, not just because EVERYONE is lovely, but due to getting 50% off everything in store! WOO!

The jacket is great, I bought it from Primark for £10, reduced from £25 (I wouldn't of paid 25 for anything in Primark) It's tartan bodied with faux leather sleeves and a soft collar. Very comfortable, and looks great! Could easily be mistaken for something from Topshop or River Island, one of my favourite coats right now during my Black and Red obsession!

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O U T F I T - / / D A I S Y

Not as bright today as it was yesterday!
I love H&M lately, they've brought out lots of great summer essentials and It's defiantly my first for all shop the last few weeks! Plenty of crop tops, grunge central and loads of cool new prints!


I will mention though,  H&M sizes are very weird. The top is a size small and fits fine, I'm a size 10 everywhere.. but need to buy a size 12 in H&M to ensure the fabric fights my thighs.. but then at my waist they are wayyyyy too big for me. I have to pin them to ensure they don't fall down.
I also bought a daisy dress last week, and had to get a size 14 for it to fit.. and even then the buttons gape in the chest area.. but if I bought a size 16 it'd fall off me.

Be wary of sizes!

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O U T F I T - / / J U S T F O R £5

I was contacted by Stephanie, the Marketing Executive at www.Justfor5pounds.com about creating a look using one of their items. Of course I happy to accept!
They sent me a lovely high waisted tartan skater skirt and it fit me perfectly! (size 10)

It's taken me a little while to get a post up with the outfit due to University and holiday but I have finally gotten around to it and it's perfect for our lovely little British heatwave right now!!

Here's the look;
Skirt - Just For £5
Top - New Look - Pineapple print crop top
Boots - Ebay (New Look sell exactly the same for £27.99)
Spikey Leather Jacket - New Look

The skirt is great value and totally worth a look at their site! 

P H O T O G R A P H Y - / / L I F E - P A R T I

Hey guys,
I'm currently starting a new project called 'LIFE' I'll do a complete write up about it at a later date (Once I've added it to my work book for Uni.)
Here's part one of my currently project.

Models are my beautiful niece India Sutton, and my boyfriends, friend's daughter Eryn Green!

Eryn's skin is so amazing it looks like I have air brushed her, but I honestly haven't! (I like to keep children natural!) 


The girls are wearing make up from a Hello Kitty make up kit which I bought at TK Maxx, they have a small amount of blue eye shadow on, and a cherry tinted lip gloss.

Hope you like them!

B E A U T Y - / / B A R R Y M 3 - 1 M A S C A R A


Hey guys, I received this Barry M mascara as part of a massive bundle at Clothes Show Live 2013 back in December, but only recently started using it as I lost my last one... but I am so glad I did.
I enjoy make up, but most of the time I'm either sat at home, or rushing out of the door for university so don't spend as much time as I should doing my make up. Plus, my skin is playing up lately, so I'm trying to keep my face make up free. 

I decided to have a lazy day today as it's my only day off, I was going suprised to find out my 5 year old nephew didn't know what POKEMON was.. so we were going to have a Pokemon day today (The whole lot, complete season 1, Pokemon cards, Gameboy games and figures) but he was ill last night so unable to come over... so I watched 14 Episodes on my own haha!

Anyways! Someone knocked my door so I went to open it, looked in the mirror and was horrified at how boring and sleepy my eyes looked, so decided that I'd put a little bit of mascara on. 
I wanted to show you the different one coat of Barry M's 3-1 Mascara.

Above is my before phone, I'm a natural blonde so have very light eye lashes, but I'm lucky that they're quite long. 

This is my after picture, I only applied a thin coat to my top lashes as I don't like to have heavy make up, specially not so late in the evening.
The mascara makes my eyelashes a lot darker, but I wouldn't say it was 'Intense black'.. which is fine with me because I feel it makes it more natural.
The brush does curl and lift my lashes to make my eyes bigger and more defined, and the coverage is very evenly.. but a little bit hard to reach the very corner.
I wouldn't say the mascara lengthens my lashes as such, it's the curling that makes the lashes appear longer.

because of this I'd rate this mascara as a 4/5.

It's perfect for the day, but not for the evening because it isn't bold enough for the night life!
Specially not just one coat, it might be more effective with 2/3 coats.

Hope this helps!