O U T F I T - / / S P A R K L E & T A R T A N

Super busy day today! I went to London to visit Models 1 and Premier with the mothering agency I work with (Future Model Management). We took down 3 models (Libby, Charley and Gareth) All of which Models 1 loved!!
I was also a good citizen and found a man's phone on the train. It was a Samsung Galaxy Note 3!! Worth over £300! Lucky I'm a lovely trust worthy person. He landed in London today from Texas, as I found out from calling his mother at home in the USA! I waited for around 3 hours... and he still didn't get to the station I was at in time.. I handed it into lost properly and he hasn't replied back to me to tell me he's received it :(
A lot of hard work for nothing but oh well.


Here's my outfit for the day!!

Superdry - Dress

Primark - Jacket
Shoes - Ebay

I love the dress, it has tiny silver speckles (Also available in copper) all over it, long sleeves that can be rolled up and a low back (Not pictured) I love working at Superdry, not just because EVERYONE is lovely, but due to getting 50% off everything in store! WOO!

The jacket is great, I bought it from Primark for £10, reduced from £25 (I wouldn't of paid 25 for anything in Primark) It's tartan bodied with faux leather sleeves and a soft collar. Very comfortable, and looks great! Could easily be mistaken for something from Topshop or River Island, one of my favourite coats right now during my Black and Red obsession!

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