As you've all probably noticed from my previous posts in regards to festival and outfits of the days, I'm highly obsessed with anything to do with glitter. You will also notice that I'm not a huge fan of eye make up, but when I saw these bad boys in Primark I started to hyper ventilate a little  I needed them in my basket straight away!

I hadn't seen them before on any social media, or heard anything about them from anybody else. I just pop into store, saw them and had to buy them. Due to not seeing any reviews online, I didn't know if they would be a an absolute #extra steal, or some crappy kids first glitter make up kit. But it's £4, worth a shot!

For that teeny tiny £4, you can buy yourself 28 glitter eye creams, all in different colours. Even if they do seem a little similar in my photos, they are slightly different. Soft to the touch, and silky smooth with a Vaseline feel I thought I'd do a few swatches to share with you.

Here's what I found, each image is showcasing left to right of each line.

A little disappointed with product itself, a little too much Vaseline product not enough glitter causing the application to be very thin and sparse. I was really after a more pigmented look over all, the paler swatches need a second coat to resolve, but the brighter colours like the greens are killer! (and mermaid green is my fav so win win!)

The product itself needs to be dabbed on the skin rather than swiped, this way more glitter stays in place creating a more dramatic effect. If you're just after the subtle look then it's perfect. The product itself is beautiful on the skin. I used the same spot for all my swatches and just wiped away with a cheap make up wipe. I've got quite sensitive skin and it didn't irritate me at all which was a pleasant surprise. A little clumpy in places, but a nice flat brush should help out too. On another note. There isn't much product to go around. You'll see from the image below, just from these swatches I used quite a bit of product. So if you find your favorite shade, you'll only get around 5 maybe 6 uses out of it if you're lucky?

Obviously, it's from Primark, somethings are killer - some things are not. We learn from this. But I would still recommend the product. If you want excellent make up, you're going to have to pay for it. You'd still be able to create some great looks from this little beauty for a fraction of the price of other glitter palettes.

What do you think of this little beauty?

Stephanie xoxo