P H O T O G R A P H Y - / / A L I E N - P A R T I

Hey guys!

I've been a right busy bee lately, I've been helping a young lady called Sophie Evans complete her final major project for her Fashion Promotion BA (Hons) degree. Sophie's magazine followed the theme of Extra Terrestrial - incorporating glossy textures, vibrant colours and interesting exteriors.

Here's part one of our 3 part fashion editorial.

Model - Bethan White
Stylist & Art Director - Sophie Evans
Photographer - Stephanie Rose Railey


P H O T O G R A P H Y - / / B L U M M A G A Z I N E - F U L L E D I T O R I AL

Hey everyone!

I can now show you the full Market Place editorial that was featured in BLUM Magazine :D
Posted some previews back last year (along with a small shopping haul *Sneaky sneaky*) but I can now give you the real deal.
I can't wait to feel it in the flesh :D

I worked with a small, but very capable team;

Model : Zoe Sweeting (BASE MODELS)
Stylist : Lily Mae O'Hagan
Photographer : Stephanie Rose Railey