Tokyo, Japan

In this post, I'm going to tell you everything you need to know in advance, from how to book, what we bought and what to expect during your visit to the Pokemon Cafe.

So first things first, head to the English reservation website -
You can book your space for up to eight guests one month in advance, and I would suggest booking it as soon as possible because the spaces do fill up real quickly. Your reservation lasts for 90 minutes from your arrival and it is timed so you won't be able to stay any longer so ensure you book the best time for you and arrive ten/fifteen minutes early if possible. While you made your time reservation you will see numbers above the time slot, these represent your seating position. There is a long shared table located in the middle of the floor which is best if you'd like to have the best view of the live show that happens every 90 minutes - but the act comes to each table individually so it's not a necessity. We stayed in area A with a window view and still managed to get some great shots.

It's very straight forward, you arrive at the Pokemon Center DX on the 5th floor of Takashimaya shopping store. Feel free to have a look around the store - it includes plenty of toys, teddies, tshirts and even includes limited edition items you can't get anywhere else in the world! It's also a Pokemon Go opportunity for those who play the mobile game.

Once you've finished shopping, head to the cafe door where a member of staff will meet you, take your name and then guide you to your designated seating area. The staff hand you a electronic tablet that you will then use to order your food. It also has a timer at the top so you know how much time you have left at the cafe. 

It's easy to navigate through the tablet, it's split into drinks, mains and deserts - just tick what you want, press complete and it'll send the order to the kitchen for you! Really straight forward and you don't have to move from your seat.

I looked at the menu online before leaving so I already knew what I was going to order, and it was a big step for me. I had been vegetarian for 14 years but decided to order the Eevee Chicken Burger! Michael also bought the same. Our cute little burger came with french fries and soup.
I ordered a Jolteon Float drink, which I think was a passion fruit juice with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and it also had fruit flavoured chewy spheres at the bottom. Michael had a Pikachu Latte also.

Japan was the first stop on our year long journey so we didn't want to spend much money so this is all we ordered, but if we were to go back I would most definitely tuck into a Jiggalypuff strawberry cheesecake or Pikachu banana and chocolate pancakes!

I loved the little Pokemon touches that came with our experience at the Pokemon Cafe. My place mat was upside down in front of me, when flipped it had a Starmu design, and we also received a lucky dip drinks coaster. One of the waitresses came around with an Ipad, you had to press the button and it'd let the lady know what coaster you received. I landed on Vaporeon, and Michael landed on Eevee - which got a BIG cheer from the staff, Eevee was the main attraction because the new Pokemon Go game was soon to be released.

I actually almost cried at this part of our expereince. I had seen images online of chef Pikachu online so was a bit shocked when Eevee came out (Specially because it's my second favourite Pokemon so I was hyperventilating basically.)
The show is in Japanese, so we didn't understand a word that was being said but Eevee did some cute little dances, gave everybody a high five and even gave some people hugs. Once the show was complete Eevee and the waitress would say 'Bye-Bye' so all the guests and we carried on eating.

At the end of your 90 minute session your bill is brought to your table, on the way out you pay personally at the cash register, where you can also pick up so gifts like Pokemon Cafe edition teddies, Pokemon Cookies, food plate sets and other bits and bobs.

Overall, we both really enjoyed our time at the Pokemon Cafe and would highly recommend it to everyone regardless of age. Michael's not a huge Pokemon fan but still managed to have a good time. It was by far the best birthday present I've ever had (on par with getting my Yellow Pokemon Edition Gameboy Colour for my 8th birthday)

Hope this makes your trip a little bit easier and I really do wish you have a fantastic time in Tokyo!

Stephanie xoxo


  1. Aww I love your review of the Pokemon Cafe, as well as how to book! I'm looking to book Japan for a short trip in January and I really want to go to the Pokemon Cafe myself, so the booking guide is definitely useful!

    It looks amazing though and I honestly can't wait for the chance to go myself. :D

    1. Hey!
      Thank you so much for reading, and even more for leaving a lovely comment!
      I highly appreciate it.

      I hope you have the BEST time ever!! xx

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