L I F E S T Y L E - / / L I V E M U S I C P H O T O G R A P H Y

Hey guys!

Back in February, I'd completed a few band test shoots in the studio for local musicians here in South Wales. A friend of mine, Alex Williams is the Guitarist for Glass Giants. Glass Giants are a 5 piece Pop-rock band based in Cardiff. Featuring on Kerrange radio play and Kerrang TV night time listening helped boost their audience, along with being able to play at The LG Arena with McBusted.

Really easy, clean listening. For all ages.
I recently went to see the boys play at Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff for their VELVET release show.
Check them out on SoundCloud! - https://soundcloud.com/glassgiants

The gig included other bands including - Death By Disco, Quarentine and 1958.

Here are some images;

I think I did a good job for a first time photographing live music!

What do you think?


B E A U T Y - / / C R A Y O N L I P S T I C K

Bonjour everyone!

I haven't had much time lately to post because I've been working really, really hard on my final university projects. One week left, One week left!!!!

I promised my neice a longggg time ago that I'd teach her how to make her own lipsticks out of some crayons. Her mother doesn't want to  buy her make up from the store, as it seems a bit grown up for an 8 year old girl. So I thought making her own would be fun, she could choose everything she wanted, we'd know what was going into making it and she could choose the exact colours she'd like to have.

and an advantage to completing it this weekend is that it's mothers day! Kill two birds with one stone.
Spend some quality time with my beautiful neice making lipsticks, and also make some for her to give to her mother for mothers day.

I thought they came out wonderfully, I specially like the barbie pink shade we made for my sister-in-law.
Here's how we did it!

(Apologise for the terrible picture quality, my kitchen isn't very well lit, and it was dark once we had finished)


We had to collect some ingredients from the local store first! They were really cheap to get, and the over all appearence is just like a MAC lipstick. So it'll over all be a huge saving! We needed to buy:

Crayons - I bought a pack of 24, they only cost £1.25. We bought the Crayola brand. Crayola crayons are non-toxic, so perfect for using on the lips. Crayons are mainly made out of Paraffin Wax and non-toxic colour pigments, two of the same ingredients found in general lipsticks making it crayons completely safe to use.

Coconut Oil - Coconut oil is used in making lipsticks for a few different reasons. One, to make the lipstick smell nicer, as crayons don't smell the best! Two, to make the lipstick thicker to get more use out of it and lastly, to make the lipsticks glossy instead of matte... If you'd like to create a matte lipstick follow the instructions stated later in this post.

Vaseline - Vaseline will stop the lipstick from drying our your lips. You can also use a bit of lipbalm for this instead if you don't have Vaseline.

Additionally, you will need to use your cooker, a pan of hot water, and a smaller container to mix your lipstick in. It needs to be slightly taller than the water, but wide enough to put a spoon/mixer in side.
You also need something to put the finished products in!
Jewellery storage boxes are best, but you can use anything really, we used ice cube shapers and an old jam jar.

Right, Now lets get started!

First, Choose your colours! We've gone for pinks and reds for my sister in law - Orange, red, yellow and purply blue for my neice - and orange, blue and black for myself.

Peel the wrappers off the crayons and snap them into small pieces (This makes it easier to melt)
Boil some water and place it within a pan on the cooker. Then put the small container you're going to use to mix your lipstick in the middle of the pan. Put it on a medium heat.

(Swapped containers after because this one was too skinny to mix in)

Use one tea spoon of coconut oil and place it into the container (only half a spoon if you would like a matte effect) followed by a dab of Vaseline. My boyfriend took my Vaseline to work with him, so used my Superdrug Lipbalm, it has a slight shimmer to it, so added a bit to the mixture.

Once those have disolved, add in your pieces of crayon and mix until they are completely disolved. If the colour is too light/too dark, add either white/black until you get your desired colour.

Now pore the mixture into your containers and place into the fridge for 10 minutes!

And wa-lah!!!
Enjoy your beautiful lipstick!!

(Let India pore the purple on her own, as you can tell)