P H O T O G R A P H Y - / / A L I E N - P A R T I

Hey guys!

I've been a right busy bee lately, I've been helping a young lady called Sophie Evans complete her final major project for her Fashion Promotion BA (Hons) degree. Sophie's magazine followed the theme of Extra Terrestrial - incorporating glossy textures, vibrant colours and interesting exteriors.

Here's part one of our 3 part fashion editorial.

Model - Bethan White
Stylist & Art Director - Sophie Evans
Photographer - Stephanie Rose Railey


P H O T O G R A P H Y - / / B L U M M A G A Z I N E - F U L L E D I T O R I AL

Hey everyone!

I can now show you the full Market Place editorial that was featured in BLUM Magazine :D
Posted some previews back last year (along with a small shopping haul *Sneaky sneaky*) but I can now give you the real deal.
I can't wait to feel it in the flesh :D

I worked with a small, but very capable team;

Model : Zoe Sweeting (BASE MODELS)
Stylist : Lily Mae O'Hagan
Photographer : Stephanie Rose Railey

P H O T O G R A P H Y - / / N A T G R O U P B U S

As many of you know, I'm a photographer from South Wales. This morning, I woke up very exited because I knew my images were going to be displayed around Cardiff thanks to the help of NAT Group's buses and their latest bus adventures!

Only, after the response the campaign has received from the general public I'm left confused. The services that my images were featured on had been recalled within 5 hours of working. Disheartening me as a photographer, but also as a member of the general public.

Recently, NAT Group approached Future Model Management's agency founder Clair Rawlings in regards to supplying models to use for their campaign, Clair's a good friend of mine hence how I was introduced to the NAT team.

Nat provided us with their idea, of Calvin Klein style images, of young adults for the back of their buses. The reason behind this is purely because they wanted to offer something different to any other bus company within South Wales. The majority of buses often show images of those who are entitled to a free bus pass, with copy that states 'Now that I am 60, I can shop with my daughter for free!' and other slogans along the same lines.

Nat wanted to show that they are a force be a reckoned with. The idea of a sexual innuendo released within the campaign simply made the advertisement eye catching, which is surely the whole reason to any campaign? To grab attention to the company in order to make profit?

-Nat's Instagram

Many companies use this advertising strategy, like the saying goes 'sex sells'

The story has been featured on a number of media platforms, including News stories and social media.
I thought I'd share a few below for those who haven't seen what the fuss is all about.. allegedly. 


The Independent has slammed the campaign by branding it 'Sexist', The definition of Sexism is 'prejudice or discrimination based on sex' The campaign contains images of men and women, so why is it the woman are being 'sexually exploited' and the men are hardly covered at all in the onslaught? The campaign is very equal. Each model is using the same pose and the text carries through every images. 

The Independent also states that the female models are topless, when inf act they are wearing strapless bras with their vests straps tucked in. I wouldn't feel comfortable without my clothes on, why would I expect any of the models I work with to feel uncomfortable?

All the models knew what the idea was for the campaign, all finding it very humorous and cracking jokes with each other. There is no exploitation included within the campaign. The majority of comments on social media are positive. 'Funny', 'It got my attention', and 'I'd ride that bus' - This is exactly what NAT Group wanted to do!
Here are other images not used in the campaign, but still photographed on the same day, with the same models, in the same clothes!

Personally, I find the images great! *and not because I photographed them myself* 
The campaign is unique, although inspired by Calvin Klein, I've never seen imagery like this on the back of a bus. The use of males and females gives an understanding into equality, yes the models are attractive, but in no way are the images sexist. 
The slogan reaches out to adults and young adults. The comments made in regards to children seeing the images can be thrown out the window. A child will simply see a model, with a sign in front of them, with a message telling them it costs £3 to use the bus. The text is purely a sexual innuendo for grown ups to have a giggle at. Sexual innuendos are everywhere. In almost every episode of The Simpsons if you really look into it too!

( Found at : http://collegetimes.com/2014/05/27/sexual-innuendo-you-might-have-missed-in-the-simpsons )

I find the images quite empowering! All the models look beautiful and their poses show character. I wouldn't describe their expressions as 'come to bed eyes' but instead suggest that they represent strong personalities. It really gets to me when the word 'sexist' is thrown out towards men. As a woman myself, I know how it feels to be in a position where I feel uncomfortable, I would not say this bus makes the models uncomfortable... the comments they are receiving through social media may. 

I'm very happy for everyone to have their own opinions, without debate the world would be a very boring place to live; but I just wanted to add my little two piece. I'm grateful to 95% of the comments the campaign have received. They're positive and everyone can see the fun side to the whole thing.
NAT group went above and beyond and I'm proud that we live in a society where it's acceptable to try something new. The media only post about the negative response, but if you dig deeper, you'll find the truth.

The truth is, the advert is only offensive if you find it offensive, children will not be effected by the imagery or the text, the MEN AND WOMAN are empowered through the images, they look good, and they know they do, and now all of South Wales *And people around the world thanks to social media* know how good they look. Nat bus has had a lot of free advertising and everyone will remember their name.

We had a lot of fun on this shoot, and are still amazed by the overall coverage we've received!

I will finish with an apology, an apology to anyone who was slightly offended to this campaign, but please do take it with a pinch of salt!

Lots of love from me and the team!

F A S H I O N - / / S T U D E N T L O A N ! !

Hello everyone!

As many of you all know, YESTERDAY WAS STUDENT LOAN DAY!

I couldn't have been happier about this! I spent a whopping £120 on myself, and another £70 on clothes for my model for my final major project! (Shooting on Wednesday! OMG! Get it out of my life!)

I've put together a few outfits from my new clothes, and I thought I'd share with you some of my outfits and tell you where I bought each piece!

Here's outfit number 1!

Apologies for the horrible picture quality, I've managed to break my Canon 5D Mark ii, so had to use the 600D, Didn't think the difference would be soo bad! and also, apologies for the food baby! I had a love of bread today hehe.

Primark has been my life saver lately! I needed BOHO clothing for my FMP, and Cardiff Primark has a whole section dedicated to it! What more could I ask for!



D I Y - / / D I Y S O C K P H O N E H O L D E R


Seeing as you guys really liked my previous post on how to make a crop top out of leggings, I thought I'd create another really, really, really simple DIY for you.
I've recently stated working out really hard, running/walking every day/gym/skating/anything I can do to burn a few more lbs off.

But anyways! I normally run with two phones, I have a Nokia Lumia, which has no apps at all :( So I can't focus on my running, but all my music is on there so I have this on me 100% off the time... But to ensure I get the rest out of my work outs I use Nike + (Nike Running) to show how far/how fast I run and how man calories I burn in the doing so.

My running bottoms only have one pocket, so I end up having to hold a phone in one hand and then a bottle of water in the other. Nightmare! So I've found a sollution and I'm going to show you how simple it is to create your own Sock Phone Holder!

Firstly, all you need is a sock and a pair of scissors. (Perfect way to use up your odd socks!)

Then you need to cut the toe section off the sock like so;

Then place the sock inside out, and pull it up to the top of your arm. One in position, roll the sock up from the bottom to ensure your pattern is showing!

Then put your phone in and enjoy your new funky sock!

I hope this was helpful! I am now off for a run around the lake myself with my bee phone sock :D
Let me know what you thought in the comments, and maybe show me your creations after?


D I Y - / / C R O P T O P F R O M L E G G I N G S

Hey everyone!

Today, I'm going to show you how easy it is to recycle an old pair of leggings into a brand new Crop top! It's really simple, takes literally a minute and all you need is a pair of leggings and some big scissors.

Lets get going!

First, make sure you have the leggings you want, and a good pair of scissors.
I chose these leggings (H&M - £3.99), I spilt a little bit of bleach on them when I was cleaning, just straight onto the leg. These leggings work perfect because the legs become my arms. Meaning the bleach stain is now hidden in the inside of my sleeve.

Fold the leggings in half, this is to ensure an even cut. Select your plunge. I'm quite heavy chested to say, so I've decided to go for a soft scoop neck, but for a deep plunge 'V'; just make the cut further towars to elastic and cut in a straight line rather than circular.

And then you are all done! Wah - lah!
Now go out and enjour your lovely new crop top :D

If you like the tutorial please pass it on, and leave a comment :) I'd love to see any creations you may of made!

L I F E S T Y L E - / / L I V E M U S I C P H O T O G R A P H Y

Hey guys!

Back in February, I'd completed a few band test shoots in the studio for local musicians here in South Wales. A friend of mine, Alex Williams is the Guitarist for Glass Giants. Glass Giants are a 5 piece Pop-rock band based in Cardiff. Featuring on Kerrange radio play and Kerrang TV night time listening helped boost their audience, along with being able to play at The LG Arena with McBusted.

Really easy, clean listening. For all ages.
I recently went to see the boys play at Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff for their VELVET release show.
Check them out on SoundCloud! - https://soundcloud.com/glassgiants

The gig included other bands including - Death By Disco, Quarentine and 1958.

Here are some images;

I think I did a good job for a first time photographing live music!

What do you think?