D I Y - / / C R O P T O P F R O M L E G G I N G S

Hey everyone!

Today, I'm going to show you how easy it is to recycle an old pair of leggings into a brand new Crop top! It's really simple, takes literally a minute and all you need is a pair of leggings and some big scissors.

Lets get going!

First, make sure you have the leggings you want, and a good pair of scissors.
I chose these leggings (H&M - £3.99), I spilt a little bit of bleach on them when I was cleaning, just straight onto the leg. These leggings work perfect because the legs become my arms. Meaning the bleach stain is now hidden in the inside of my sleeve.

Fold the leggings in half, this is to ensure an even cut. Select your plunge. I'm quite heavy chested to say, so I've decided to go for a soft scoop neck, but for a deep plunge 'V'; just make the cut further towars to elastic and cut in a straight line rather than circular.

And then you are all done! Wah - lah!
Now go out and enjour your lovely new crop top :D

If you like the tutorial please pass it on, and leave a comment :) I'd love to see any creations you may of made!


  1. Great idea! That's so quick to do. M xx

  2. oh my god, this is such a clever but simple idea! Looks great on you too! :D


    1. Thank you Olivia,
      I didn't think it'd be so easy, i much prefer this idea to making normal tops shorter :)

  3. Wow! That's amazing! I would never have though to use a pair of leggings like that... and I'm so impressed it looks so good. Great work!

  4. This looks great, what a good idea. I remember cutting some old green tights and using them as sleeves x

    1. You can use tights for this tutorial aswell, and use it as a mesh top layer over a bandau :D

  5. oh my god...so creative >.<
    i have an old floral print legging that doesn't fit anymore, and you give me idea how to use it ^^

    Love, Leonita

    1. Hey Leonita, Thanks for the comment :)
      If you do it, show me your result when youre finished!

  6. Oh wow I love this idea and so simple as well!! Really great print btw - looks great

    Laura x