F A S H I O N - / / S T U D E N T L O A N ! !

Hello everyone!

As many of you all know, YESTERDAY WAS STUDENT LOAN DAY!

I couldn't have been happier about this! I spent a whopping £120 on myself, and another £70 on clothes for my model for my final major project! (Shooting on Wednesday! OMG! Get it out of my life!)

I've put together a few outfits from my new clothes, and I thought I'd share with you some of my outfits and tell you where I bought each piece!

Here's outfit number 1!

Apologies for the horrible picture quality, I've managed to break my Canon 5D Mark ii, so had to use the 600D, Didn't think the difference would be soo bad! and also, apologies for the food baby! I had a love of bread today hehe.

Primark has been my life saver lately! I needed BOHO clothing for my FMP, and Cardiff Primark has a whole section dedicated to it! What more could I ask for!



D I Y - / / D I Y S O C K P H O N E H O L D E R


Seeing as you guys really liked my previous post on how to make a crop top out of leggings, I thought I'd create another really, really, really simple DIY for you.
I've recently stated working out really hard, running/walking every day/gym/skating/anything I can do to burn a few more lbs off.

But anyways! I normally run with two phones, I have a Nokia Lumia, which has no apps at all :( So I can't focus on my running, but all my music is on there so I have this on me 100% off the time... But to ensure I get the rest out of my work outs I use Nike + (Nike Running) to show how far/how fast I run and how man calories I burn in the doing so.

My running bottoms only have one pocket, so I end up having to hold a phone in one hand and then a bottle of water in the other. Nightmare! So I've found a sollution and I'm going to show you how simple it is to create your own Sock Phone Holder!

Firstly, all you need is a sock and a pair of scissors. (Perfect way to use up your odd socks!)

Then you need to cut the toe section off the sock like so;

Then place the sock inside out, and pull it up to the top of your arm. One in position, roll the sock up from the bottom to ensure your pattern is showing!

Then put your phone in and enjoy your new funky sock!

I hope this was helpful! I am now off for a run around the lake myself with my bee phone sock :D
Let me know what you thought in the comments, and maybe show me your creations after?


D I Y - / / C R O P T O P F R O M L E G G I N G S

Hey everyone!

Today, I'm going to show you how easy it is to recycle an old pair of leggings into a brand new Crop top! It's really simple, takes literally a minute and all you need is a pair of leggings and some big scissors.

Lets get going!

First, make sure you have the leggings you want, and a good pair of scissors.
I chose these leggings (H&M - £3.99), I spilt a little bit of bleach on them when I was cleaning, just straight onto the leg. These leggings work perfect because the legs become my arms. Meaning the bleach stain is now hidden in the inside of my sleeve.

Fold the leggings in half, this is to ensure an even cut. Select your plunge. I'm quite heavy chested to say, so I've decided to go for a soft scoop neck, but for a deep plunge 'V'; just make the cut further towars to elastic and cut in a straight line rather than circular.

And then you are all done! Wah - lah!
Now go out and enjour your lovely new crop top :D

If you like the tutorial please pass it on, and leave a comment :) I'd love to see any creations you may of made!