O U T F I T - / / B O H O

Hey guys! Sorry it's been such a long time since I've posted! 

I've finally finished university now so I am FREEEEEE for the Summer (And even longer because I don't go back to my final year until the last week of September)

I've spent the last 3 days trying to make my first video for YOUTUBE. It'll be about how I got my hair in the images below. Only my first go, so sorry it's not amazing! Slowly I will learn how to make videos like a pro!

This most is about my outfit for today so I will get back to it.

I really really really like H&M lately. It's perfect, bang on trend and soo affordable! 
9/10 items I buy will more than often be from their store.

Drew bought a new motorbike yesterday, a little commuter for getting back and forth to work so we thought we'd go for fish and chips at the seaside.. So we drove all the way down to Barry Island (Gavin&Stacey land) to find that all the shops had closed for the evening :( 
Which mean't we had to drive 1/4 way back home to Cardiff Bay where we enjoyed a Wetherspoons!
Can't beat a veggie all day brunch, and a J20 because they were out of all sodas....

I got a little distracted by my food and the lovely view of the pier so I completely forgot to take pictures of my outfit outside (Too many people down the Bay, a little shy when there are 100s of people around) So we took these images on my boyfriends camera when we arrived home, it's quite dark so the images are a little bit grainy :(

So, here's my outfit for the day;


The weather today was lovely, and a perfect excuse for me to wear my lovely new hat! 
It's so light and cute, simplistic yet stunning, and for only £4 from Primark I couldn't resist it!!
Teaming it with my new Kimono from George was a perfect match, I normally don't stop for clothes at ASDA, but their S/S 14 has a few items that are really cute! (And the underwear is to die for!)

I'm pretty self concious about my belly at the moment, I went from a size 6, to a size 12 in 2 and a half years.. Started gyming it but it's not completely toned yet! so these high waisted shorts from H&M are great as they cover the majority of my stomach. but my top is still short enough for it to be cute and summery!

Hope you like the outfit! 
and what do you think of my almost lilac hair?