P H O T O G R A P H Y - / / L I F E I N S P A I N

So, I am sat in Bristol Airport as we speak waiting for my mummy to pick myself, my boyfriend and my little brother up after a lovely 5 day break in Spain. My dad, step mum and two little sisters live about an hour away from Alicante, so we head over to visit my dad for his 50th birthday party.

I had an amazing time, was lovely seeing my little ladies for the first time in over a year, and being able to visit the eldest 2 school plays and swimming competition. I'll post a blog post about the whole long weekend, but I just want to quickly show you some images I took of the girls to show their friends at school.

Arent they just the cutest! <3


F A S H I O N - / / H I D D E N F A S H I O N S H O E S !

Hey Guys!

I was just brosing through a few blogs I found on Twitter, and I came across a post about www.HIDDENFASHION.com.  I thought I'd give it a quick look around because; well hey, it's better than writing my dissertation or cleaning my room which I should be doing really...

After scrolling through pages and pages and pages of clothes, I naughty added 4 items to my shopping cart, and before you know it, I added another 4, and another 4. Sadly due to Christmas and Clothes Show Live tomorrow I couldn't buy them all... So I just stuck to the original 4, and left the other 8 for safe keeping! 

I'll do a bigger post soon about all the items I bought from Hidden Fashion.com, but I just really really really wanted to show you these beauties!

Look how beautiful and shiny and pink they are! They're just perfect for my sparkly personality.
Even though I live in Wales, and we have the worst weather almost alllllll year around, I couldn't help myself when these beauts were only £5!! 
(Like PRETTY much every thing at www.Hiddenfashion.com) 
Even when it rains, I have some cute waterproof motorbike socks that may come in handy!

Most items are £5 or Less, with the odd few at £7.99. Nothing is over £10 on the entire site!

The heel is super wide, and the stitching is very, very sturdy! I'm pretty rubbish when it comes to the art of walking in heels so I wanted something that would be easy to walk in and take care my poorly, beaten up, skateboarding ankles. I worn these around the house for about an hour annoying my boyfriend and mother in law saying over and over again 'Aren't they lush, I love them'

Think they actually might be my favourite shoes ever! and for £5 why didn't I ever get them before!

These are going to be my hint of wonderful less to my OOTD for tomorrow while I'm off photographing at Clothes Show Live as Press :)
A friend of mine, (Maya Mackay @ Models 1) is modelling at the designer catwalk, after being in London/Milan forever! So it'll be lovely to catch up with her too!

What do you think of www.hiddenfashion.com?

and what are your favourite pair of shoes?


B E A U T Y - / / C H R I S T M A S B E A U T Y B U Y S

Hello everybody!

Are you like me and completely finished, wrapped and packed your away your presents for Christmas?

Or are you struggling on what to buy those beauty lovers in your family? We'll I've made a very simple list of some beauty buys that are perfect as stocking fillers for your special someone.


Palette eyeshadow


Gift sets kit

Best New Fragrance

Ranging from £8.99 to £50, there's something for everyone's price range!

Hope this was helpful guys!

O U T F I T - / / B O Y F R I E N D

Quick outfit post for the day. 
I've just came back from sending a video of model Nakeisha Sheppard over to Laura @ The Hive Model Management (Laura is an ex booker for Union who's started her own agency which is doing sooo well over here!)

But now I'm home I can get some work done... Here's my outfit for today,

I wore ;

Shoes - Primark
Jeans - New Look - DIY cut at knee.
Shirt - BOYFRIENDS - Primark
Knitted Jumper - H&M

What do you think?

Hyper my look over at LookBook!


L I F E S T Y L E - / / P A M P E R D A Y ! !

I had a pretty bad start to my day today! I was booked in to hair my hair dyed at 10am this morning, FOR FREE I MAY ADD!

I got up at 7, had a shower, did my make up and such... left at 8am, was on the bus for 10am to do what would be a half hour to forty-five minute bus journey to Cardiff City Centre.. but no!
Due to a local traveller passing away *RIP*, one of the busiest roads in Cardiff (Rover Way) was closed down for 24 hours, meaning all traffic went down another main road (Newport Road).

After 40 minutes, I was still suck where on any other trip I would of been half hour previous, so I decided to get off and walk to the City Centre!  I eventually got to town around 9.55am, an hour and fifteen minutes later than I thought! Got onto my second bus around 10am, to get a phonecall saying our appointment was cancelled because I didn't arrive on time!

Very angry, with nothing to do, I decided that I would treat myself to some lovely pamper materials to make myself feel better and that is exactly what I did!

I purchased a few things from Boots, after buying everyones Christmas presents, I had around £15s worth of points on my Boots Card! (Best investment of my life)

I decided to take advantage of the latest Barry M offer to maximise what I was able to buy!

I bought 2 nail varnish's at £2.99 each, 
(The Seventeen quicker slicker top coat is also from Boots, but a different day)

I loved the new range Barry M has brought out, containing my favourite autumn colours! I bought the Raspberry and Cappuciono, but the collection also includes a powerful Mustard and vibrant Paprika!

 There was a promotional offer on, if you spend £6 you were entitled to one of the new Limited Edition Barry M nail Varnish's! I choose this spectacular glitter varnish called Starlight, You could choose between Starlight or Moonlight.

The colours are very pigmented, and can easily be used in just one coat; I decided to use two just to keep them strong. Even though the nail varnish's aren't part of the Gel Collection, they are very high shine! Very Chic!

I am in love with Starlight, it's pretty obvious from the nail, but it does have glitter stars included, soo cute and perfect for the festive period!


Additionally, because I knew I had to spend £6, and so far I had only spend £5.98... I decided to take myself out of my comfort zone by buying a very dark lipstick! (I'm normally a natural kinda girl)
Seeing it was autumn, I wanted something that would match my nails so decided to go for Barry M's Lip Paint - Vicious Violet form their Ultra Moistening collection.

I tried the colour on and over all wasn't very impressed! I put it on very heavy and the colour was a lot lighter than I expected. The over all colour was very bland so I uplifted it with a clear gloss. Here's the final product.


I also visited the LUSH store to spoil myself with bath bubble-y blessings!
I love entering the LUSH store in Cardiff because all the members of staff are very welcoming and actually know what they're talking about, unlike most members of staff in certain stores.

I spotted this lovely bubble bar the second I walked in, I'm a sucker for all things pink so this caught my eye right away!

A beautifully Berry scented bath bar that lit up my bathroom with a fruity aroma!

All you need to break off some of the bar and put it into a dry bath.
I was told that it's enough to last 6 baths, but I must of only broke off a 12th of the bar and it seemed like enough to me!

Start running your bath and watch it all bubble up and dissolve!

It very quickly turned my bath into a sweet smelling, pink, bubble wonderland! 

And all good for you! Here are the ingredients! -

List of ingredients
Natural Ingredients
Safe Synthetics


Once I finished in the bath, I quickly towel dried my hair and then put it into a soft wrap, I then used my Heel Genius to smooth all over my feet and put some socks in top to soak in all the goodness!
I then put Hand Food onto my fingertips and rubbed it in nicely! Purposely to not only make my hands glowy and soft, but to also soften my cuticles so make them easy to remove!


I then put on my beautiful Strawberry Souffle face mask!  It's ingredients are strong enough to be able to soothe inflamed skin/blemishes, containing a gentle scrub to remove impurities too, but gentle enough to not dry out your skin as it's doing so!

Once my mask was applied, I started to paint my finger nails, with two coats of Raspberry on each finger not including my ring finger, which I covered with one coat of Cappuccino instead,  and another coat of Starlight on top of the Cappuccino.

Once my nails had dried, I removed my socks and started to paint my toes with just one coat of Raspberry and a top coat of Starlight!

After I told my boyfriend about my horrible start to the day, he also treated me to a lovely evening of food at the local Tony Carvery. What a doll!!

Thanks for reading about how I pampered myself for the day and I hope it gives you some inspiration on how to pamper yourselves, it really did turn a bad day into a more than good evening for me!!


P H O T O G R A P H Y - / / A U T U M E I S M Y F A V O U R I T E T I M E O F Y E A R ! !

I've taken a few bookings late! Plenty of cute little babies to photograph and a few weddings!
but on Saturday, after photographing the beautiful Peyton (Check previous post!)... 
I was invited to photograph a big family ready for the Christmas presents for family! 

We look these photos at the lovely Welsh location of Roath Park. With the idea of bribing the children to behave and then given them the chance to play in the park after.
(Sadly, the park closes earlier in the winter :( )

Here are some of the images!


I also made a few little collages, so show how photos can be displayed in the home or even to create little Christmas cards involving everyone!