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Hey Guys!

I was just brosing through a few blogs I found on Twitter, and I came across a post about www.HIDDENFASHION.com.  I thought I'd give it a quick look around because; well hey, it's better than writing my dissertation or cleaning my room which I should be doing really...

After scrolling through pages and pages and pages of clothes, I naughty added 4 items to my shopping cart, and before you know it, I added another 4, and another 4. Sadly due to Christmas and Clothes Show Live tomorrow I couldn't buy them all... So I just stuck to the original 4, and left the other 8 for safe keeping! 

I'll do a bigger post soon about all the items I bought from Hidden Fashion.com, but I just really really really wanted to show you these beauties!

Look how beautiful and shiny and pink they are! They're just perfect for my sparkly personality.
Even though I live in Wales, and we have the worst weather almost alllllll year around, I couldn't help myself when these beauts were only £5!! 
(Like PRETTY much every thing at www.Hiddenfashion.com) 
Even when it rains, I have some cute waterproof motorbike socks that may come in handy!

Most items are £5 or Less, with the odd few at £7.99. Nothing is over £10 on the entire site!

The heel is super wide, and the stitching is very, very sturdy! I'm pretty rubbish when it comes to the art of walking in heels so I wanted something that would be easy to walk in and take care my poorly, beaten up, skateboarding ankles. I worn these around the house for about an hour annoying my boyfriend and mother in law saying over and over again 'Aren't they lush, I love them'

Think they actually might be my favourite shoes ever! and for £5 why didn't I ever get them before!

These are going to be my hint of wonderful less to my OOTD for tomorrow while I'm off photographing at Clothes Show Live as Press :)
A friend of mine, (Maya Mackay @ Models 1) is modelling at the designer catwalk, after being in London/Milan forever! So it'll be lovely to catch up with her too!

What do you think of www.hiddenfashion.com?

and what are your favourite pair of shoes?



  1. I love the pink and the metallic effect! I wasn't sure whether the quality of hidden fashion shoes etc would be that great, but I ordered a top from them and it was actually not bad! Going to probably buy some shoes now after seeing your post, thanks! :) x
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    1. Thanks for the comment, I wasn't getting my hopes up for these shoes for £5, I'll let you know how well they last while I'm on my feet allll day tomorrow at clothes show with them!

  2. Lovely <3

    Saskia ! xo

  3. I love those shoes, they're so bright x

  4. Wow these shoes are amazing - I love the colour and perfect for the festive season - didn't know about this website but going to check it out - thanks

    Laura x