F A S H I O N - / / R O X Y R E C Y C L E D S H O R T S !

As you can tell from my last post, I am right back into my surf planning! That time of year is coming back (The time of year where my mother will drive me down to the beach if it's warm enough for her to sit and have an ice cream) and I cannot wait to get back into the sweet, salty water!

I've been searching for new beach wear (can you tell my student loan has came in yet!) and I stumbled across something that really caught my eye. I try my best with the environment, I don't use carrier bags, I eat fair trade 90% of the time, I always recycle my plastics and cardboard but never had I thought about wearing them... and this is exactly what Roxy have done!

Roxy have created a pair of shorts made from a material called Repreve. Repreve is a recycled fiber made from old plastic bottles. I found this astonishing! I drink a lot of bottled water, at the gym and also while travelling to work/university on the bus. I'd say 1 or 2 bottles a day, after a week I would have enough plastic to make myself a pair of these shorts! It creates less pollution and doesn't take anything from the natural resources that we are slowly(or quickly in some cases) running out of!

Shop the LINE UP board shorts HERE!
I personally love the black with baby pink elastic waist line. The cut on the leg is slimming and the draw string makes it adjustable for those in between sizes !

Great addition to the Summer outfit collection, and also great all year around for the gym!

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