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Hey guys, I received this Barry M mascara as part of a massive bundle at Clothes Show Live 2013 back in December, but only recently started using it as I lost my last one... but I am so glad I did.
I enjoy make up, but most of the time I'm either sat at home, or rushing out of the door for university so don't spend as much time as I should doing my make up. Plus, my skin is playing up lately, so I'm trying to keep my face make up free. 

I decided to have a lazy day today as it's my only day off, I was going suprised to find out my 5 year old nephew didn't know what POKEMON was.. so we were going to have a Pokemon day today (The whole lot, complete season 1, Pokemon cards, Gameboy games and figures) but he was ill last night so unable to come over... so I watched 14 Episodes on my own haha!

Anyways! Someone knocked my door so I went to open it, looked in the mirror and was horrified at how boring and sleepy my eyes looked, so decided that I'd put a little bit of mascara on. 
I wanted to show you the different one coat of Barry M's 3-1 Mascara.

Above is my before phone, I'm a natural blonde so have very light eye lashes, but I'm lucky that they're quite long. 

This is my after picture, I only applied a thin coat to my top lashes as I don't like to have heavy make up, specially not so late in the evening.
The mascara makes my eyelashes a lot darker, but I wouldn't say it was 'Intense black'.. which is fine with me because I feel it makes it more natural.
The brush does curl and lift my lashes to make my eyes bigger and more defined, and the coverage is very evenly.. but a little bit hard to reach the very corner.
I wouldn't say the mascara lengthens my lashes as such, it's the curling that makes the lashes appear longer.

because of this I'd rate this mascara as a 4/5.

It's perfect for the day, but not for the evening because it isn't bold enough for the night life!
Specially not just one coat, it might be more effective with 2/3 coats.

Hope this helps!


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