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Hey guys!

As stated in a previous post I said I would give a little write up about the bag I won via NITRO BAGS.
The bag is great, very comfortable, no bad shoulders as of yet from lugging my camera equipment/laptop/magazines around all day everyday... here's a few bits of detail.

The over all appearance of the bag is great, it's plain and simple, but with added lines to give it a clean, modern approach to a rucksack. The bag is unisex, but does come in a number of designers to make it more personal to everyone's character.

The small pocket is designed primarily as a school bag, lots of room for pens and pencils, smaller school books and notes. I use it for my make up, little snacks and also to play music through on my Tablet.

The headphones from my tablet can fit through the specially designed headphones patch making it easy to listen to your music while working home from school, exploring in the mountains or to get the feel while shredding down the mountain!

The front of the bag comes with two compartments that I feel really helpful! I seem to spend a lot of my time outside my house and spend a fortune on hot/cold food while I'm out and about! But this bag has it all figured out... It comes with a cool section, perfect for my sandwiches while I'm out on a 12 hour shift photographing a wedding, my food will be lovely and cold!

And also comes with a small fleece compartment. It won't keep my food completely warm, but warmer than normal! Ideal for a sausage roll of something of similar size. (I'm a vegetarian, so a veggie roll?)

This little pocket took me a while to notice! but it's great for storing your phone or money for easy access.. alternatively if you're a keen snowboarder like me.. it's a great lift pass holder too! Always love the little things!

The main compartment is a great size with a laptop compartment too! I am able to fit my camera, 2 flash guns and 2 lens, a magazine and notebook into this pocket.. meaning there is plenty of room for anything you may to bring around with you!

The bag also has a specially designed back for comfort. I endlessly have a sore back from lugging my Camera equipment/University work around with me all the time, but this cushions your back just right to keep you out of pains way!

Lots of advantages to this bag as you can see! The only downside I have is that even though the main area of the bag is waterproof (Great beading from the water resistance.. My little shoot was in the rain and it was 90% fine!)
But the zips aren't waterproof... not ideal for the great British weather! A little twirking and it might be okay...

But over all, Great bag! 9/10

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