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London Fashion Weekend

Hey guys!
Well, I've been off my feet as always, but was lucky enough to go to London for the day with my good friend Zoey Groves... We got tickets for the London Fashion Weekend and got to see some great designers work!
We also got to watch a fashion show based on 4 new hot trends for S/S 13!
You can't beat a bit of monochrome! Here's some images from the day....

Beautiful Neon Clutches! from a various of designers including Michael Kors  and Marc Jacobs.

Beautiful nail gloves! I will be creating a DIY of this soon, to keep an eye out.

Stunning collection of leather jackets (I am a big sucker for all things pink, these hit my spot nicely)

Zoey Groves - wearing WE ARE HAIRY PEOPLES custom hand painted denim jacket.

The event wasn't what I was expecting if I am honest, I loved all of the shops, but with ticket prices being at £20 each, the stores had only designer clothing, at unaffordable prices for us students :( but it was nice to have a look at all of the lovely items!

My favourite new designer discovery is the up and coming British fashion designer, Charlotte Taylor. I am a sucker for animals and big prints, and when I found her shirt range from last season I fell in love!

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