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As previously posted, I wrote about how I'm currently working with Sebastian Professional as part of a project with my university. I was lucky enough to be asked by Dom Capel at Sebastian Professional to come with his CULT team to photograph back stage at Haizhen Wang's presentation at London Fashion Week.
OF COURSE! I jumped and booked my bug to London right away with another member of my team Opal Turner.

I'm not the best traveller. I always get lost and  loved having the fun support of Opal, plus it was Valentines Day and we both left our men at home so we because wife and wife for the day. The tube really confuses me but lucky enough Opal is from London so knew exactly what she was doing.

I was able to go to the WELLA studio in London and meet the CULT team and Dom before the event. We arrived and were taken to a special salon room where Dom was showing the team the hair style needed for the designers presentation. The hair was on a plastic head placed on a tripod, looked really cool. We were able to watch step by step. VERY interesting! I can't even plait my own hair.

We then took a cab to Summer Set House (Beautiful!) Where we met the rest of the CULT team and walked into the grounds. Not everyone was able to go backstage.. Only Dom, 3 members of the CULT team and myself (SORRY OPAL!) were able to go backstage. Sad I know, but understandable because of the room!

The room was very small! All together we had;
4 members from hair team.
2 Make up teams (6 women all together)
1 nail technician
6 Models
7 dressers
2 people making sure it ran smoothly
3 photographers
and Haizhen Wang himself. (Every now and again)
So, that's 30 people in a room no bigger than my bedroom! CRAZY!

I loved the styling for the models hair, The style included a large fish tail that went from the front of the head, all the way to the ponytail, where a bobble was placed, and then fish tail continued, and then removed bobble after!
Very smart and perfect for my current project!

The team were great, really friendly and very professional. They made me feel like one of the team and did a fantastic job! The hair looked great and complimented Haizhen's collection perfectly. I cannot wait to work with Sebastian Professional again!

Wang's collection was amazing! I have a real thing for Dog Tooth print lately (I saw a coat in Zara in the summer 2013 and fell in love ever since) He rocked the monochrome trend and his show made a big bang to the first day! Haizhen Wang (Fashion Fringe 2012 winner) is a raising design star and his latest collection at Somerset House which showcased his new pieces was above ground. A thumbs up from me!

Thanks again for the lovely day and the amazing opportunity! Same again next year?


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