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As I spoke about previously, I was lucky enough to be a part of the Sebastian Professional team backstage at London Fashion Week!

I needed an outfit that said 'Hey, I'm a cool photographer!' but mello enough to work with being backstage and comfortable enough to wear all day!
(I was away from home for 22 hours. Can take the girl out of Wales, but can't take the Wales out of the girl... I missed home and my Pjams!)

Here's what I wore.

River Island Two Toned Jumpsuit - £45
River Island Pale Pink Chunky Buckle Boots - £25 (SALE)
and my big bargain!
Sparkle and Fade Dusty Pink Boyfriend Coat - £26 
(reduced from £110 to 60, and then £30 with 20% off)


  1. Love that Jumpsuit!!

  2. Your hair is amazing!! So is that pale pink coat ♥

    I've seen your photography posts, and I'd love to have an eye for great angles and all that like you! Sigh haha

    Much love!!