E V E N T S - / / C O M M O N P E O P L E

I first found out about Common People while applying to work at Bestival, It's brought to you by the same organisers of Bestival so it has to be good right?
It all was a little hush hush at first, with no information in regards to the event online at all... But I thought I'd check it back out now that I've settled into my new job and WOW am I so happy I did.

First off, DURAN DURAN ARE HEADLINING! If that doesn't get your heart racing I don't know what would! Duran Duran are my dream come true, with 7 UK top 10 albums and number 1's including Rio and Girls on film!

Well, I know what else could, probably some of the other amazing acts hitting the stage including Katy B and Primal Scream.

Here's a graphic of the full line up!!

It's one not to be missed guys! For all your booking needs head over to http://commonpeople.net/ to ensure you get tickets!! 

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