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Not long got back from La Plagne in France, and first things first, IT WAS AMAZING!
I pretty much feel like a novice, I've been snowboarding 4 years in a row before my trip to La Plagne, and as much as I love Bansko; It really is a different ball game!

As you can see, I didn't actually take that many pictures on the trip, because for once I was actually able to snowboard the whole time! 

We flew via Crystal Ski, which is a package holiday site here in the UK, which you know, is mean't to make your booking experience easier and cuts out the middle man. Well, it didn't.. it was very stressful, making us change from Tignes to La Plagne 2 days before we left... but that's for another post.

We did have a wonderful upgrade and I will loved it!

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