F A S H I O N - / / F E S T I V A L F A S H I O N I N S P I R A T I O N ! !

This week has been so busy with work I've wanted to scream, but... and a big BUT, I received an email from the lovely Molly @ Get Involved. I've been accepted as press for Common People in Southampton! (EEEEKKKKK!)

Sadly, I can only make it to the Sunday due to work commitments, But that's perfectly fine with me, because my main men Duran Duran are the headliners, I think I might die!!!!
The event as a whole has worked out perfect for me, I'll be going with my bestie William, who is happy to drive down, but best of all, I asked a friend of mine (Who studies Fashion in Southampton University) if she was going and it turns out she isn't (That's not the best bit. I really wish she was!) BUT BUT BUT! She's letting me and William stay at her flat for the evening, which saves us around £90 hotel fees ! (Loves ya Jaz <3)

With just 2 weeks to go I need to decide what I need to take for the job at hand. My idea is to capture the festival fashion trends, asking members of the public what they're wearing and why they chose that outfit along with some information about themselves! It's going to be super fun!

This then got me thinking, What on earth am I going to wear?!
I'm naturally cold at all times, so do I need a jumper/shirt? But it's sunny, and I'd like some colour on my skin so should I wear shorts? The struggle is unreal! So I decided to make some little outfit mood boards to inspire me !

Outfit 1 :
Superdry Dungarees
H&M Plain stripe vest (tied)
Vans trainers

Look 2.
New Look ripped jeans.
H&M Black Kimono
Hollister white cami
New look white sandals.

Outfit 3!
Primark shirt (Open and tied)
Levi denim shorts
Black hair bow
Holographic sandals.

Which outfit would you choose? 

Is there any advice you'd give on outfits for a festival seeing this is my first one?


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