B E A U T Y - / / P A S T L E H A I R - - - - A G A I N !!

Hello guys!

So, my last post talked about how Michael and I might be heading to Bestival on the 8th, well... this post is to tell you that WE ARE!
I emailed Molly over at Get involved to ask when we would be likely to find out if we were successful with our request for Press accreditation, the babe as always replied back ASAP with the best news I've heard all bloody year!

We've got two tickets to work at Bestival 2016 from September 8th-12th! Lots of our friends are already heading over so it's going to be a bang tidy time! I'm so excited, BESTIVAL sorted us out big time this year with Common People Southampton, Camp Bestival and now Bestival. I really am one lucky little lady.


Anyhoooooo, I've been super excited for ages, and even more now.. I took a little trip to Newport to see a mate, didn't end up seeing my friend but bought a few bits and bobs ready for the festival - I'll do a big haul post some point next week once everything has arrived...

I had a little nose in Boots, and got a little carried away with the festival inspiration in store, so decided to dye my hair pastel again. I didn't know what I wanted to do, or how I wanted to do it but all I knew is that I wanted to do something to my hair... So I bought Pixie Lott's Wash Out Hair Colour. I normally go for pink, so I thought I would change it up a bit and by the mermaidy green.. but saidly they didn't have it in store, So I went with Lilac again! haha.

Now, as you can see, my roots are god awful. I've not touched my hair since the start of September 2015 because it was soo badly damaged. I used to use two box dyes of the whitest white you could think off, Loreal Prefference to be exact. It looked amazing, Game of thrones princess amazing, but badly damaged not so amazing on me!

It's almost at the point where it looks ombre, it's pretty light on the very top due to the sun bleaching it, but the underlayer is ridick!
So lets get started!
Firstly, I'll start by listing what is in the box;

Wash Out Hair Colour in Violet.

2 x Fade Out Shampoo

Leaflet showing instructions, expectations and other Pixie Lott products :)

The box also included a pair of plastic gloves.

So, Here's a step by step guild to use the product.

1; Shampoo hair.
I used my super cheap £1 Coconut and Lychee shampoo from Poundland, it's the bomb!

2; Towel dry hair.
The dryer the hair, the better the colour will take to your hair.

3; Put on the gloves provided and apply colour evenly through your hair, make sure to get it all!
I started by sectioning off my hair to make it a little easier to get all of it.

Then do the top half aswell! Make sure you've got every bit!!

4; Once the product is all over your hair, wait up to 15 minutes for the colour to set in.

5; Once your 15 minutes is up, wash it right out!

6; Now dry and style as you wish :D




Overall, I am super stoked with the outcome. I knew it wouldn't take very well in my roots, because they're mousey blonde>black, but they've faded in to beautifully.
The colour is more pearl than violet, due to the fact I missed a few bits which gave me a load of blonde highlights, but I'm happy with this.

My hair wasn't damaged at all by the colour, it's a bit frizzy from the lack of conditioner as it'd wash the colour out too soon; but seeing as I quickly blow dried it, and curled my hair I'm impressed by the condition, much better than the silver shampoos I've used previously. It also smells amazing, no harsh chemical smell. I can't decide if it smells like flowers or fruit, but it's a win win situation.

For £5.99 the results are better than I expected, my pink hair used to cost me a fortune and would come out every time I washed it. I'm preying this sticks a little longer, but it's easy to redo ready for Bestival in two weeks time!

I can't wait to get my mermaid locks out!
Nice one Pixie, you absolute doll! 
I'm getting the green next time!