F A S H I O N - / / O U T F I T - G R E E C E

Aloha guys!

Just a little photo to show you my favourite little outfit from my trip to Kefalonia.
It's so simple and so so so cheap!

I had a lovely evening out for food with my boyfriend and his family down at a local restaurant. It's a weird feeling being out with for dinner as a complete family for me. My parents separated when I was five, and we don't often sit down as a family now. It was super nice though to have all their family, plus partners together enjoying an evening, like we did every evening while away!

I did some last minute holiday shopping after work the evening before we went away, Skint as ever because September is my busiest month! Lots of birthdays (because all the best people are born in September) Bestival, Anniversary and a Holiday within a month took my bank balance right down.

So when I found this playsuit in Primark for just £4.50 I fell in love! I tried it on and it fit perfectly, even though it was a size bigger than I normally buy. I couldn't figure out why it was so cheap, turns out when I took it off I noticed a massive stain down the back, looked like the froff off a latte to me, so chanced it in hope it'd wash off, and it did! #winning 

I paired it with my white strappy sandals, that I also bought from Primark just before I headed off to Croatia back in April.

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