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Day two here in Kefalonia!
We went down to Agosoli yesterday and seen some turtles swimming around the fishing boats waiting for some free dinner. We also headed to a few of the beaches close to our villa - I'll share a bigger post after full of names and places too. 

Another bargain outfit post, this outfit cost less than £10.
The black Croptop/Bralet I grabbed from Primark as something quick and easy for me to wear at Bestival. I paid £3 for it, and bought the same in pink also.
It's super soft and can work with anything!

The shorts, I bought as part of a two piece set off Ebay - The top's super cute, but the sizing is completely off. These shorts were a size large, I assumed that because they were from China, it meant large in China - which is bit smaller the than UK. But these shorts were huge on me, so had to be brought in with a stitch. Yet, the crop top was tiny and gave me a super unflattering side boob so sadly I can't wear it :(

I'm sure I used the sandals for every outfit I brought with me on holiday, because Thomas Cook only give a 6k weight useage! 6k! redic!

But oh well. It works ;)

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  1. You look so lovely, hope you're having an amazing time in the sun! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram - tempting Too Faced Gingerbread giveaway!)