T R A V E L - Nagoya Traveller's Hostel! - Review

Hey Guys!

Today we left our temple stay at the Eisho-Ji Temple, Nakatsugawa and headed to the next destination on our route through Japan.


Nagoya is a colourful city situated around 150KM away from Kyoto, it's easy to reach by public transport, you can get a highway bus direct from Tokyo to Nagoya. The bus takes around 5 hours altogether but you can split it up by staying Magome to break the trip up. Nagoya is an up and coming city for travelers due to it's cultural background and vivid nightlife, but as it's less well known not many hostels are available for the increasing market.

I'm staying in Nagoya for 3 days, and plan on cramming as much into the stay as possible. I am staying in a twin room at the Nagoya Traveller's Hostel! The Nagoya Traveller's Hostel is every budget travelers best friend! With room options starting from 2500 JPY per person there's something for everyone.

Now, the hostel is best known for being the best known hostel in Nagoya for couples and solo travelers  - but don't let that put you off booking in groups too! There are mixed and female only dorms priced at 2500 JPY, Single rooms for 3600 JPY as well as double rooms and twin rooms for 2600 JPY per person. Additionally, if you're travelling in a large group and want to guarantee you're all in the same place, you can book a shared room for between 3- 8 people for just 2500 JPY per person. Told you there was something for everyone! If you're a bargain budget traveler like me too, you'd be happy to know that if you Tweet on Twitter or Share on Facebook about the hostel, they'll give you an extra 5% off your booking on arrival.

PS; It even includes free breakfast in all the packages, so don't forget to wake up early in the morning!

There are plenty of things to do and see in Nagoya. As the hostel is located pretty central, with Sakae station within a 10 minute walking distance from Nagoya Traveller's Hostel it's easy to visit attractions in no time.  Look out for a post including my favourite things to do and see in Nagoya coming soon!

On the other hand, if you'd prefer to stay within the hostel that is not a problem, it has plenty to offer too. The staff are very warm and welcoming, be sure to ask them any questions you may have about the areas as they're the experts! All the members of staff we have met are very good at speaking English so a language barrier hasn't been an issue yet which is reassuring as nervous travelers!

The hostel includes a communal lounge and kitchen area where it's guests tend to relax and make new friends! When we arrived today two ladies we're making traditional Malaysian food for other guests to try. It includes a micro save, plenty of table space and also plugs for when you need to do some work/charge your phone. The wifi is good on all floors of the hostel, not as fast on the top floor but still very usable. If the lounge area isn't enough, that's fine - you can head to the roof for some fresh air too. they have a roof terrace that is great in the sunshine!

Other useful aspects of the hostel include the a laundry room, bike rentals and organised events regularly! (This weeks event is Sushi making.. YUM!) Each floor also includes toilets and hair driers so you don't need to worry about packing your own for your trip. Showers are located on floors 1 and 3, they all come with shampoo and body wash ready for you too!

I would highly recommend the Nagoya Traveller's Hostel to all!
It's cheap, clean, can be loud in the day but guests tend to be respectful at night - there are signs advising visitors to be quiet in the later hours. Staff are friendly, rooms are nice and has everything you'd want from your hostel!

With a 4.4/5 rating on Trip Advisor, you can see others agree with me too!

Are you heading to Japan soon? Anything in particular you are looking on information about?
Just ask in the comments below :)

Stephanie xo

**Although my stay at Nagoya's Traveller's Hostel was complementary, all opinions are my own.


  1. It's cute to see such light and airy communal spaces that look so clean, it really does make all the difference!

    I love it you get up for the free breakfasts, I do too and try to eat my fill!

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