T R A V E L - Hanoi Airport VATC Sleep Pod!

Hey everyone!

We've just finished our 13 day trip around Japan, and we've recently landed in Hanoi! We'll be travelling from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh over the next 30 days and of course, I will keep you up to date with what to do and what to see in this beautiful country.

We've landed shortly after midnight from our flight out of Osaka, bad news is there are no buses running to our Air Bnb for a few hours... Good news is there are places to rest our head in Hanoi airport itself and I've been lucky enough to collaborate with VATC Sleep Pods for this post!

We've just spent the night in the Sleep Pods located at Terminal 2, and I want to tell you all about it!

To start with, it's really easy to find which is great when you're super tired after a long day. Walk out of luggage collection towards the main exit, go up the escalators on the right hand side for one floor and then walk straight down. It's so convenient!

Once we arrived we met the welcoming members of staff at the reception desk, had to fill out a quick form to confirm our booking and then were shown to our room. The rooms are pretty small, but more than space for what you need them for (to sleep of course)

The rooms have bunk beds, one for me, one for Michael. There's a desk next to the bottom bunk which is big enough to squeeze one bag in. We had to leave Michael's bag next to it on the floor as it wouldn't fit.

The room includes a wifi, a flat screen television, free water and chocolate cakes, mugs, flip flops, tooth brush/paste and a hair comb for your use. In addition the room had a fan with three different speed settings installed in the wall. The beds were comfortable, I slept like a baby after my long day of travelling without any distractions!

I loved how easy it all went, I didn't have to wait around for anything and could just rest before heading to my next place to stay. Being able to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for another busy day made a big difference to my mood!
I can't believe how convenient it was and I would happily stay again if I had a early/late flight in Hanoi.

If you're heading to Hanoi soon and need a place to stay I can 100% recommend it. You can use hotel booking websites such as Trip Advisor, and Bookings.com to look at other reviews and book a nights sleep, but the best price guarenteed comes from the Hanoi Airport Hotel offical website!

https://hanoiairporthotels.vn/ << Use this website for the best price!

Thanks so much for accommodating for us!

** Disclaimer - This post was written in return for a complimentary stay, but all opinions are my own.

What do you think of VATV Sleep Pods? Would you stay in one to?

Stephanie xoxo

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  1. Welcome to Vietnam! Pretty cool that you're going down the country over 30 days. Pretty cool to see these sleeping pods. It makes sense because you're out and about most of the time anyways. I like how everything is so compact. Glad everything worked out!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me