TRAVEL - 48 Hours In Kuala Lumpur - With Reggae Mansion.

Kuala Lumpur (also known as KL) is the capitol city of Malaysia. Full of massive skyscrapers, big high end shopping malls, a whirlwind selection of food and tropical weather. Only have a few days to visit this vibrant city? Not to worry! My guide of best places to visit will help you get the most out of 48 hours in KL - You're time in KL could be made even easier with a bit of help from REGGAE MANSION. All the activities included in my list are included within Reggae Mansions tour of KL.

Here's a list of everything we got up to during our time in KL in collaboration with Reggae Mansion.

Batu Caves

Just outside of KL is the world renown Batu Caves. The Batu Caves are home to a cathedral-like Hindu temple with ceilings that reach way into the sky, birds every fly above! You'll be amazed by the 272 rainbow coloured steps that lead you to the temple, and the cheeky monkeys that control the area too! 

We were in awe of the Batu caves, but be prepared to walk the 272 stops to the actual temple. I recommend going earlier in the day to beat the crowds of tourists and take a bottle of water! You also need to dress respectably. 

KL Butter Fly Park

KL Butterfly Park is overall a stunning location with waterfalls, bridges and lots of flowering trees - but of course the most obvious and beautiful feature are the hundreds of butterflies that live there. Bright and colourful butterflies flutter around every inch of the garden and you'll be amazed by the variety they have on display. If you're lucky one may even land on you. 

Once you're finish exploring the garden itself, on the way to the exit you'll walk through a galleries showcasing an array of buttery species and also some pretty creepy insects and bugs (my personal favourite being the Man face beetle) 

The National Mosque 

Our first stop in KL was the National Mosque (also known as Masjod Negar) Different to any other mosque we've seen on our trip around Asia. Swapping the traditional golden dome for a shiny blue, glass roof. The mosque's layout is gigantic and can hold approximately 15000 worshipers a day. Non-Muslims are allowed to visit the mosque outside of prayer hours, and you will need to wear one of the purple robes provided by the staff at the entrance before stepping foot into the mosque. For women you must also have your hair covered at all times. Non-Muslims can view the main hall and take pictures but must not enter the room. 

Petronas Towers

These stunning, 452m high towers are a must see during your stay in KL. It's best to see them at night while lit up with the water fountain in KLCC park playing music in the foreground. The site from the ground is pretty amazing, but you are able to visit the observation desk at a scary 360m high! 

Central Market

Central Market is a fantastic spot for picking up some local souvenirs to send home. Within central market you'll find plenty of artisan stalls selling everything from fridge magnets to large wooden cultures, upstairs is home to a number of stores that sell items from sarongs to saris. We visited Central market twice in two days - not for shopping, but for the fantastic food they offer in their food court! Prices worked out at around £1.50 a meal, and it was only a 5 minute walk from our hostel so super convenient. 

KL Forest Eco Park

If you're looking for something completely free to do in KL, and happy to get out and about you should definitely visit the KL Forest Eco Park. We explored the Canopy walk and enjoyed taking in the view of this rainforest oasis right in the heart of the Kuala Lumpur city centre. You can explore rain forests in different areas of the world, but I've never seen one inside a busy city like this one. 

The canopy walk is a 200m stretch around the park, with spiral staircases to take you higher and higher, giving you a fantastic view of this stunning greenery.There are also a number of trails on the ground you can follow - these also include paths where you can see local monkeys and insects on every corner. 

Reggae Mansion

If you're looking for a party, or would just like to sit and have a few drinks while having an over city view you will loved Reggae Mansion. Located right in the heart of KL, Reggae Mansion offers reasonable priced food and drinks, pool tables, good music and a stunning view of KL tower. A perfect place to spend a few hours (or until 2am like us...)

I hope this little guide helps you decide how to spend your time in Kuala Lumpur, it's a fantastic city with soo much more to offer than what you see here, and Reggae Mansion can help you customise your trip to so don't hesitate to ask. You can contact them at their WEBSITE.

Stephanie xoxo

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