Hello old friends!
Long time no speak bambinos, but guess who's back, not with a brand new rap... but bringing a brand new haul from Femme Luxe Finery instead!
I was lucky enough to be approached by the wonderful team over at Femme Luxe Finery in order to create some content showcasing some of their gorgeous Going Out Dresses. Now, I know none of us are actually going OUT OUT (I bloody well hope not anyways).

But who doesn't like to get all dolled up every once in a while. Whether it's for an at home/face time date night, or just because you want to look dammmnnn fine watching Netflix in the comfort of your own home.. there's something for everyone over on Femme Luxe Finery's website.

I choose 4 dresses that I would love to share with you, with my honest opinion on all of them. I hadn't put make up on for around 9 weeks before I made a little home photoshoot for this blog post. I loved having an excuse to put on a face and feel confident and empowered again after being in a lockdown limbo for so long.

Let's start with this GORGEOUS Red square neck rushed dress!

Now, I'm a size 10/12 with larger than average thighs and a smaller waist. All the dresses I chose were size 10 (So I was a little panicy with this one!).
The dress fit PERFECTLY, my thighs didn't feel confined and I felt it hugged my waistline beautifully. I have received nothing but compliments for this outfit over on the socials, with plenty on IG asking me where to get it - and now you know!
I personally get really warm with long sleeves, but the material is super breatheable and comfortable. I thought with the dress being so reasonably priced it would be a little see-through, but I was wrong! Yes, VPLs do appear as expected, but no colours show through so feel comfortable wearing any you like.
I am in love with the square neck detail on this dress, and the ruched panels help to hide any lumps and bumps for those who are a little more conscious. (We love all lady lumps here though!)
I personally would normally go for a shorter length dress such as this, but I absolute adore the shape. It's 100% the first dress I'm wearing for date night/a night out when we're allowed/I feel safe enough too. Even if it's just an all day breakfast at Spoons haha.

This beautiful Camel, slinky ruched thin strap dress number hugs to me in all the right places. I bought this in a size 10 again, but its so stretchy I probably should size down (it's currently held in with a hair bobble for these pics).
Again, the rushed fabric hides any unwanted lumps and bumps and really accentuates my curves. I was again really surprised by the thicker material which helped me feel more secure with my undergarment choices, and the material also offers support at the top! No need for bras here, even with the slightly bigger sizing. The material is lightweight, breathable and VERY comfortable. I could wear this dress all day. Perfect on it's own, or spiced up with a leather jacket for a more casual vibe. This is a must have addition to any wardrobe!

Now, I'm not sure about you, but at family get togethers, I personally prefer to cover up a little bit more, purely for appearances. This Beige one shoulder ruched slinky midi dress is the perfect outfit for close shindigs. The little bit more coverage helps me feel more relaxed in busy areas, with the one shoulder on view oozeing nothing but class and elegance. Easy to dress up with a sparkly bag and a nice pair of heels - it screams luxury, but in the most simplistic way.
Also perfect for some summer holidays as still made of light, airy material which doesn't get too sweaty. If you wanted something fancier for hitting the bars with the ladies or just a smart family meal I would highly recommend this little number.

Last but definitely not least is this stunning Wine bardot cowl neck ruched midi dress, I can honestly say I felt like Scarlett Johansson in this beauty (One could wish ai?)
I didn't quite understand where the arm bits were meant to sit, but they looked great draped across my upper arms our pulled back like in the image above.
The fit is elegant and flattering, offering a glimpse of the fun bags, but still leaving enough to the imagination, (Please tell me I'm not the only one who talks like this? haha).
The same material of the previous 2 dresses, again its comfortable to wear, super stretchy and not too warm. The fit is perfect for my body shape and comes slightly below the knee.

And there you have it!
These are my four pieces from Femme Luxe Finery, that I CANNOT wait to wear out and about with my favourite people! Overall, sizing was great, materials were high quality and perfect for our weird british weather. All fits were flattering to my body shape and still left room to breathe comfortably and all of the outfits made me feel like a million bucks!

Shop the whole collection of dress at - I promise you will not be disappointed!
Until next time bambinos!

Love Stephanie xoxo

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