GAMING - JMALL - JL Comfurni Gaming Chair review and help!

Hello again you beautiful, beautiful people!
Hope you are all doing well in these crazy times, it's it insane to think we've been locked down for coming up to 6 months now. In these uncertain times we've really pulled together and started to focus on the things were grateful for, and also the things many things that technology has allowed up to do. 
From Live webcam chats with family, those important work meetings via Zoom and for me, all the wonderful games I've managed to start playing because I wasn't allowed out haha.

I was very fortunate to be able to collaborate with JMALL - JL Comfurni during lock down. They kindly provided me with a brand new, gorgeous gaming chair to allow me to play in perfect style and comfort. This post is telling you about my experience with JMALL, how to order, and briefly how I put it together.. with some hits on how to not do the same silly mistakes I did putting my chair together. 

First off, How to order.
JMALL have a LARGE variety of chairs to choose from. There really is something for everyone, a simplistic office stool, all the way through to luxury gaming chairs to match everyone's needs and at a very affordable price. 

You are able to find the items on the JMALL WEBSITE, AMAZON and EBAY.
If you purchase through their website and use code GAMERBLOND, you can get up to £23 off :) (You're welcome).

I opted for the JL Comfurni - Narkissis Series Gaming Chair with Footrest in pink - ITEM NUMBER [ND2-PKW+JDPINK]

I ordered on Monday 23rd of August, and it was delivered by courier on the 25th. I might have missed it due to being in work, but easily collected it the next day from the depot. The item came in two parts, a MASSIVE box holding the main segments of the chair (top and bottom of chair, stand, arms) and the smaller box held the foot rest and bolts. 

Included with the main box was an envelope, this had a thank you message and a VIP card - Use the VIP card to sign up and leave a HONEST review on their Amazon page.

Within the envelope, there's an instructions manual. I'd highly recommend using it because some steps are a little bit tricky - even with the instructions.


I started firstly with the chair base and added each wheel. Very easy, just insert the wheels into the holes and PUSH. Step 1 is already complete.

Step 2, connecting the arms to the bottom of the chair. Screw the arm attachments into the underside of the seat. It will be the screws on either side, not in the center. Once the arms are added, start to attach the base stand using those center screws. It should look like this; 

In one of the smaller boxes, you will find two 'L shaped' brackets, one with a recliner mechanism and one without. start with the recliner side, (I didn't, which made it a lot harder).
I started with putting the two screws into the side of seat bottom. This bit would be easier with a second person to help, but it's doable alone with a little bit of hard work. Line up the back of the chairs screws to the brackets, you'll have to hold it pretty still to make sure it lines up properly. Screw each one a little bit, just enough to make it stay in place, then work on tightening the bolts.  Do the same on the other side and we've got ourselves a chair!!

The next step is super easy... Place the chair on top of the base stand and sit on it. You're welcome. You now have a working chair :D

Now to cover the fixtures on the side of the chair. There should be 4 pieces of plastic in the smaller cardboard box. Put the rectangular piece into the hole on the bottom piece to hold it in place. This bits a bit fiddly, but slide the cover over the bracket and screw it into place. I'd recommend starting on the recliner side again first to get to grips with attaching it. 

If you bought the chair without the foot rest, YOU'RE ALL DONE! Enjoy your chair :)

Keep reading on if you've got the foot rest...

This is pretty straight forward but so so easy to put it on backwards. You'll have a metal base piece, and two larger metal poles and a smaller one. Line the smaller pole up with the holes on either side of the larger pieces and connect it to the metal base. This is the sliding part of the footrest complete.

Next, turn the foot cushion upside down and loosen the screws, place them through the holes on the base plate and then screw it back in. 
There should be two additional black plastic pieces in the box. They look like handles with a hole either side. 
Screw them into the last two places under the seat, this creates the slot to slide the metal poles through to make the rest. Ensure the foot cushion is facing the right way up before placing the poles into place. 

Push them as far back as possible to start and then slide the rubber rings over the back to secure them in place.

I hope these instructions have been semi useful for you and your purchase! You will not be disappointed by the quality of this build. It's sturdy and comfortable, with and without the additional support pillows provided. 

Stephanie xox

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