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We were lucky enough to work with a good friend of mine, Lawrence. Lawrence is the owner of a small but mighty hair salon here in Cardiff.

I met Lawrence around 3 years ago via a mutual friend, when he mentioned that he'd like his own salon.. and here we are now and his business is booming!

My team and I thought it would be a good idea to practice with a professional hairdresser in advance to make sure we are comfortable when working with Sebastian Professional on March 3rd.

Lawrence had previously worked with Sebastian Trainee's and knew exactly what we were looking for and  took us in the right direction.

We had two models booked, one didn't show but we managed to grab another!

Davey and Bexi as we wanted to make sure we had diversity. Here's some of the outcomes!

(I can't post too much as I'm not allowed to give our final ideas away)