O U T F I T - / / 5 D A Y S O F B L A C K

Going through my wardrobe today I've realised that it consists of 70% black and 30% pastel blue/yellow/pink.

I've decided to show you guys how I make my typical dark and miserable outfit choices pop with a little bit of colour. We might be in winter, but I will forever be in spring :)
I'm normally a very colourful person, but seeing as I've gained some weight, I find myself clinging to black clothing to make myself seem slimmer.

Oh the joys of writing a dissertation for university...

I wanted to show you my average outfit, not including the pjams I spent the majorty of the day in, but what I venture into the world wearing.

Today, We'll focus on all black, with silver details. You'll have to excuse the colour of my hair, it's actually a lot darker now! My loverboy took the images on auto mode and with the contrast between my clothing and skin... it took the brunt of it.

Today I wore;

Dress - H&M
Boots - Tesco - F&F
Spiked Leather Jacket - New Look.

I love all of these items I'm wearing today, because they all have a little bit of meaning to me.
The dress, I bought in Swansea's H&M while out enjoying myself visiting a friend, and then wore it clubbing the following night with one of the university girls before she went to Canada. A truely amazing night, though I must say I don't remember most of it.
(Which is completely out of character for me, normally I'm the sensible one who ends up looking after everyone)

The leather jacket was the first item I bought using my staff discount at New Look - Cardiff during the first week of Freshers in my first year of university! It turned a few heads during our events!

The shoes, I've recently started baby sitting my 2 year old nephew while his mother is at work every Friday, and he's been a trumendous help with my routine !
He picked out the shoes after his pram broke the ones I was wearing at the time.
I went into Tesco, because I couldn't walk the 10 minutes home with talking shoes!
I was talking out loud to myself, as you do.. 'What shoes should I get?'
I didn't want to spend much, because they were just to get my down the road and on a student budget I shouldn't be buying shoes... next thing I hear is my nephew screaming SHOES! while tolding these beauties. In my size, a size 6, and reduced to £10! The little man has expert style skills.

What do you think of todays outfit?

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