O U T F I T - / / D A Y T W O

Just stopping in on day 2/5 of my outfit posts!

Showing you an outfit I previously wore for my friends 21st birthday party (the roaring 20s)
I am in love with this outfit, and so happy I don't have university today, meaning I can look like a real lady around my house for as long as possible.... before I head off to enjoy my 21st birthday present from back in September to go and see You Me At Six. (OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!)

I wore a seperate outfit to see You Me At Six, I'll post that at a later date but for now, here's what I wore;

Coat - New Look.
Dress - Oasis (Debenhams)

Shoes - New Look
Hair Band - Primark.

I bought this coat again when I worked in New Look during the first year of university, got to love 50% off student discount. It's a little broken, the clips to tie it up at the front have all fallen out (Damn my larger chest) but even after 2 years of abuse in all that the great British weather can offer it's still very soft, hasn't lost its colour of even shown any wear or tear! It's my go to coat to keep warm!

My sister is getting married on the 5th of September, and this is the dress my mother wanted us bridesmaids to be wearing. My sister is very alternative, so had different ideas for us... but when I was invited to a 1920s birthday party I just had to have this dress! Running straight into Debenhams to find that the only size left was infact MINE! I just had to buy it.. and for £17 how could I say no!

My shoes were another New Look bargain. Their children's section now go up to a size 7! I have skinny size 6 feet, so my heels are always falling out of the back of the adult size 6s... these fit me like a charm. I'm not the best under the influence either, so a nice chunky heel keeps me on my toes all night and very comfortable the next day!

Whenever I'm in Cardiff town, I head to Primark for a little scout about for some bargains on sale; and that is exactly where I found my wonderful jewelled hair band. It's very heavy, so flops forward a bit when you're trying to sort out your shoes, but for £2 I'm not going to complain. It fit the theme perfectly and even though it fell off my head twice no damage was done! Very happy with it.
To secure it after getting fed up of it falling off, 2 simple bobble pins kept it firm all the way up until 4.30am when the bouncers dropped us home!

I am in love with this outfit, the whole thing! clothing, make up, perfect but easy hair, everything!
I wish I was born in the 1920s! I feel like I'm missing out?


How do you rate my outfit?


  1. what a lovely outfit I especially love the coat x and always love seeing primark finds

  2. That dress is amazing value and looks really versatile.

  3. The dress is lovely, really floaty and pretty. I also love the shoes! What jewellery are you going to wear?

  4. I love your outfit, especially that coat x