P H O T O G R A P H Y - / / L E D B Y L I O N S

Yesterday morning I was suppose to shoot some promo images for Glass Giants, but found out that Alyn had crashed his car the night before so they were unable to make it.
Sad as it was that he ruined his car and I wasn't able to complete the shoot I'd been up all night cutting tiny pieces of confetti for... I was happy with the breakfast my mother and her partner bought me so it was a still a win!

Luckily, LED BY LIONS were all safe and able to attend for their evening slot! I couldn't be happier with the results myself.
The boys were all friendly, had an even amount of banter and professionalisum.. couldn't ask for a better band to get started with!
They knew exactly what they wanted, and were happy to be posed instead of me trying to capture 'natural' images. It's so hard to capture natural promotional images with bands inside a studio so it was a lot of weight off my sholders I'll tell you that!

I'm happy with the overall images, a few different looks made by simple lighting changes and I finally managed to evenly light all members of the band without having to dodge and burn in post processing. These images are almost straight from camera, only touchig up I needed to do were a few blemish's on skin (When I say a few, I literally mean just two. They all had amazing skin! Making the retoucher inside of me very pleased!) and some dirty marks on the floor.

Here's the result;

What do you think?
Where could I improve and what did you like the most?



  1. You took really great shots! Do you have portrait photography tips? Maybe for outdoors? :)

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

  2. Great studio shots, I bet the band are really happy with these!

    Laura x

  3. Great shots, Laura is right I bet the band love them!