TRAVEL - Bohemiaz Resort and Spa Kampot review

After leaving Phnom Penh and heading down the one very long and bumpy ride to Kampot, we found ourselves lucky enough to stay at Bohemiaz Spa and Resort - and it was the ultimate relaxing hideaway we needed


Bohemiaz Kampot opened in 2014, and is located around 4km from Kampot town center.  A secluded paradise with a stunning natural pool, trees, hammocks, Jacuzzi and even a sauna! There's plenty to do for those that want to relax and rejuvenate before heading off to travel again. We stayed for 2 night at Bohemiaz in one of their Deluxe Suite huts. The hut had everything we needed including a super comfortable double bed with bedside plugs, an en-suite with hot showers that also had a decent water pressure and a powerful ceiling fan with three different power options. In addition to this our room also came with a television and  media device already loaded with 100's of films for those who want a romantic night in - we did both nights!

Which then brings me onto the service Bohemiaz has to offer. Bohemiaz runs a fantastic kitchen that offers healthy and indulgent food and beverages to suite everybody's wants and dietary needs. These include options for meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans and those with other dietary issues - which was perfect for us as Michael's lactose intolerant so often misses out on the meal he really wants. I would highly recommend the Buddha Bowl - it's more of a gigantic platter of goodness!
The Buddha Bowls available in three different options Standard with chicken, veggie or vegan. I loved it so much I had one of each over the two days. It includes pumpkin, brown rice, humus, kidney beans, broccoli, beetroot, cabbage, nuts/seeds and salad - plus cheese/egg/chicken for the standard option. If that wasn't enough, they also offer special packages for those wanting to stay in there rooms including breakfast for two and the movie night package - which we demolished!

The resort is my personal favourite place we've stayed so far on our trip. The rooms were clean, the natural pool was absolutely stunning and the staff were always going above and beyond for their customers. We were able to book our tuk tuk for one of our days via the helpful staff at Bohemiaz to take us on a local tour to show us what Kampot has to offer. Our wonderful driver took us to the salt flats, a hidden lake, Kampot Pepper Plantation and to the Caves at a reasonable price set already for us so we were made comfortable before hand.

We loved every moment at Bohemiaz, from start to finish we felt at home and would highly recommend it for those who want to get away from the busy city centers but still be able to enjoy everything Kampot has to offer. You can book your stay at Bohemiaz straight from their website over at - along with more information on the history of Bohemiaz, their whole menu and spa treatments.  With prices starting at as low as £5 a night you wont regret it!

Stephanie xoxo

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