TRAVEL - House Of Journey Hostel Review, Penang, Malaysia.

House of Journey is a fun and friendly hostel/guest house located in the center of the charming cultural Georgetown, Penang. Everything you need to see is within a 30 minute walk from the hostel making it the most convenient accommodation to stay in. If you caught my post about The best things to do in Georgetown and you’re thinking of visiting - then let House of Journey be the place you rest your head.

The hostel has two different venues. The dorms are located in the main building, but the private rooms are located just across the road in a traditional, rustic Malaysian house with long wooden hallways and big wooden windows.

I can’t personally comment on the halls in the main building as we didn’t sleep in them, but going by the stunning pictures on the hostels review pages - and the personalized, sharpie cover walls in the main building they go down a treat with travelers. The walls are literally covered top to bottom with nothing but positive messages about the hostel, the staff and their experiences of House of Journey. It gives the hostel a very unique and meaningful appearance.

The room we stayed in had mustard yellow walls and original wooden beams and windows giving the property an authentic feel. We had very comfortable twin beds, with thick, clean and fresh smelling bedding. The room cam with A/C, a fan for those hotter nights and even a television where you could watch local TV shows - or if you had a HDMI cable handy (which we did) you can plug your laptop in and watch whatever you want using their super speedy wifi.

The rooms were located down a stunning hallway, which connected onto the sink area, with an incredible view of the Kapitan Keling Mosque through the large window. Next to the windows is the toilet/shower room. With a well pressured waterfall head you'll never want to get out of the shower. Bonus, if someone is using the shower room upstairs, there are two more downstairs to use. Downstairs also includes a seating area that is currently being set up for your use. with a gap in the ceiling to let in natural light for you to enjoy your breakfast.

The breakfast is prepared at the main building where you can have toast with a number of different toppings including 3 different types of jam, chocolate and peanut butter. Also included in unlimited coffee and tea which you can enjoy either inside the quirky reception area or eat outside and watch the scoots/cars around the streets.

Overall the stay was fantastic. The staff were super friendly and sorted us out with maps for our stay - giving us clear information on where to go and what to do. You really much ask the locals so you can find the best things to do in the area that most tourists would miss out on.

You can book your stay with House of Journey Hostel & Guesthouse via their BOOKING page, if you book using THIS LINK, you will receive 10% off your booking. Hope you have a fantastic time in Penang!!

Stephanie xoxo

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