If you’re heading to Malaysia on your trip around Asia, do not miss the stunning Penang Island. Known as the Pearl of the Orient, Penang has buckets of charm and has become a hit with backpackers to relax and take in this little gem of culture. Penang is the first stop of our trip through Malaysia. We didn’t research Penang before hand, just picked the name off our map and made our way - but I’m so glad we stumbled upon this quirky place! We originally were going to spend 2 nights here in Georgetown, but loved it so much we stayed another day and still didn’t get to do everything we wanted. But here’s a list of the BEST things to see and do in Georgetown, Penang.

Street Art

This is the main attraction for tourists visiting Penang and has defiantly helped to put Georgetown on the map for art culture. There is a street art trail where you can hunt for and even interact with the art work that fills the streets. The main pieces of art work were produced by renowned artists such as Ernest Zacharevic, Bibichun, Jesus Moreno, Alex Face and more - but you’ll spot a few unauthorised pieces around that are just as good.
Floating village

Down near the Penang Ferry Terminal, There are 7 Clan Jetti’s that are linked to historical Chinese clans. These sweet floating communities and held up by stilts over the water and include residential housing, souvenir shops and restaurants.
Enjoy street food on Chulia Street.

We were very fortunate at our HOSTEL was literally a minute walk from this street food haven! Each night we headed to Chulia Street to indulge on some of the most mouthwatering food we’ve experienced in the last three months. With food from all over the world we were spoilt for choice so had a bit of everything. We enjoyed satay’d chicken skewers, traditional pork dumplings, kebabs, burgers and my new favourite Cheesey Wedges! (They are to die for) We didn’t spend more than £2 on each meal, so it won’t break the bank either.
Red Garden

While on the topic of food... towards the very end of Chulia Street there’s a fantastic food court called Red Garden. It includes tables upon tables where you can sit, socialise and watch the live entertainment. The tables are surrounded by a number of different food stalls offering everything from fried chicken to noodle soup and even deserts. To top it all off, 3 nights a week they have a lady boy show which is also completely free.
Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion (Blue mansion)

Have you ever seen anything more blue!? This was the home of the famous Cheong Fatt Tze, a world renowned capitalist who until the age of 8 couldn’t even read or write, but managed to make something (and a very big something) of himself in years to come. Originally built in 1890, the house fell into hardships over the years before being auctioned and restored to its natural beauty in 1989. It’s a great place to visit to learn more about the heritage of Penang and also of the wonderful man who made his dream home a reality.
Upside down Museum

This was one of the main highlights from our trip to Penang. There is a whole house dedicated to the art of the upside down! Each room pictures a different area of your typical modern household including the kitchen, bedrooms, hallway and even a games room! You don’t need to worry about getting the pictures right because the friendly and well organised staff know exactly what they are doing. They’ll position you in the best places and recommended poses to make your picture pop - and they have enough practice daily to use any camera given to them.

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